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04 mai, 2016

Changement climatique : heureusement, les faits ont la tête dure

Climate justice

Canada's oil sands are claimed to be large emitters and are now subject to a 'climate test' - but when it comes to saving the planet, keeping the Marshall Islands from drowning by sea level rise, and Montreal safe from climate change due to pipelines... the truth is stranger than fiction. Marshall Islands host the third largest marine fleet in the world; Montreal ships in oil to its refineries by marine tanker from more than 7,000 km distance. Just 16 big ships using marine diesel (heavy with sulfur) put out the same pollution, not just GHGs, as all the cars on the planet. Are Alberta's oil sands really the problem?

Malheureusement, les idéologues de la religion écologique n’en ont rien à faire des faits.

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